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The Word of the Lord by Jeremiah, said, " And I will give you Pastors according to My Heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." (Jeremiah 3:15)  You don't vote for preachers!  They are sent to you by God!  Receive those whom He sends; and, you will have received Him!  If you did not receive the preacher from the Lord, you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ; and, the Spirit is not speaking to you through that man, or woman, because he is not a vessel whom the Lord has chosen, and sent.  It is your life, and it must be governed line upon line according to Jesus Christ!  Preachers are vessels through whom the Spirit of God will speak to you all!  Believe what the Lord said about not having received Him, if you don't receive those whom He has sent!  How did you get your preacher?  Did you accept him because he was of your race?  God does not compromise!  Take your Salvation seriously!  It is not a joke!  Eternal Damnation and Torment in the Lake of Fire is serious!  Your heart should tremble at the reading of these Words!


"Read The Reports!"


I Am Presently Working In The 12th Month of The 38th Year! Riech Book of Joshua
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"Take It One Day At A Time!"

You are always seeming to be in a hurry; therefore, before you can slow down, you must speak, and say, "Cursed are you, Running To and Fro!  You be plucked up by the roots; and, you be cast into the sea!  And, Blessed is the Patience that comes upon me from God!  I will not be made to rush!  Amen!"

Cry out, saying, "Help, Lord, because trouble is near!"

"What’s Up, Doc?”  God is our Doctor; and, He tells us what is wrong with us; and, He will fix every problem, whether it is Spiritual, mental, or physical; or, all of them together!  Our Creator is "The Total Restorer!"  Blessed are you who have come to this site!  Let your Blessing remain by continuing with these Reports, which are being sent to you from the Almighty God!  Now, let God do what He wants to do just like you allowed the doctors of the world to do what they wanted to do!

You have come; and it is good that you did!  Here is your building material!  Take it; and, eat all of it!  Faith is at work this very moment!

As you search your Bible for subjects; also search this site for Understanding!


I Am Presently Working In The 12th Month of The 38th Year!

The years are the years according to the number of years after the date of my baptism! (01-06-1979)

37th Year Reports 1st month 38th year 2nd Month 38th Year
3rd Month 38th Year 4th Month 38th Year 5th-Month 38th-Year
6th-Month-38th-Year 7th-Month-38th-Year 8th-Month-38th-Year
9th-Month-38th-Year 10th-Month-38th-Year 11th-Month-38th-Year

Layout!  Open Up!  Your heart shall be filled; and, Your eyes shall shine brightly!  And, Your Soul shall glow beyond the brilliance of the sun on a clear blue sky covered day!  Open thy mind wide; and, God shall fill it with Glorious Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding!


Bless the LORD, O my soul, and, do not forget any of His Benefits!  Bless the Lord Who forgives all of our iniquities!  Bless the Lord Who heals us from all of our diseases!  Bless the Lord Who redeems our life from destruction!  Bless the Lord Who crowns us with lovingkindness and tender mercies!  Bless the Lord Who satisfies our mouths with good things, so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s.  “Blessed are You, O Lord Jesus!”

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Like you search your Bible for subjects; also search this site for Understanding!


“The Sword of The Spirit: The Word of God!”

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